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Senin, 20 Oktober 2014 - 04:20:23 WIB
Working Visit In Surabaya
Surabaya (Komisi Yudisial) - Members of the Judicial Commission of Human Resources, Advocacy, Legal, Research and Development, Jaja Ahmad Jayus accompanied Recruitment Bureau Chief, Advocacy and Capacity Building of ... More (0 Comments)

Sabtu, 15 Februari 2014 - 01:51:25 WIB
Thematic Training For Judges and Prosecutors
Jakarta (Judicial Commision) - Bureau Recruitment, Advocacy and Capacity Building will conduct Thematic Training for judges and Prosecutors by the theme "Eradication of Corruption and Money Laundering" on ... More (0 Comments)

Kamis, 28 November 2013 - 11:45:56 WIB
Instilling Basic Adult Learnings
Bogor (Judicial Comission)-  Training of Trainers (TOT) held over 3 days, from October 31 - 2 November 2013 by the Bureau of Recruitment, Advocacy and Capacity Building of Judges, is expected to be applied by ... More (0 Comments)

Rabu, 18 September 2013 - 10:10:18 WIB
KY introduce E-Learning Facilities For Judges
Solo (Judicial Commission) - Judicial Commission (KY) organized thematic training for the improvement of  capacity of judges under the theme "Civil Procedural Law". This vis-a-vis training , joined by ... More (0 Comments)

Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013 - 22:56:41 WIB
KY Send 9 Judges To Attend Training At Turkey
Jakarta (Judicial Commision) – Nine judges have opportunities to attend training in the framework of improving the capacity of judges at Turkey in September 2013. This program is a follow up of the signing of ... More (0 Comments)

Kamis, 22 Agustus 2013 - 22:49:08 WIB
Welfare Improves, Judge Expected To Keep Integrity
Jakarta (Judicial Commission) – Judicial Commission has successfully strived the judges welfare getting better sharply. This improvement, is expected to be proportionally in line with the improvement of ... More (0 Comments)

Selasa, 11 Juni 2013 - 23:57:23 WIB
Civil Prosuderal Law For General Court Judges
Bogor (Komisi Yudisial)– Code of Civil Procedural Law be interesting theme choice for capacity building of judges organized by the Judicial Commission of Indonesia this time. "Thematic training in order ... More (0 Comments)

Selasa, 14 Mei 2013 - 23:42:51 WIB
“Administrative Dispute” Interesting Training Theme
Bogor (Judicial Commission)- Administrative Dispute is an interesting theme choice for capacity building of judges organized by Indonesian Judicial Commission this time. "Thematic training in order to build the ... More (0 Comments)

Rabu, 20 Maret 2013 - 19:58:46 WIB
Synergism to increase the Capacity of Military Judge
Surabaya (Komisi Yudisial)– The relationship between the Judicial Commission of Republic of Indonesia (KYRI) and the Supreme Court (MA) increasingly intertwined harmoniously. One form of cooperation between ... More (0 Comments)

Selasa, 12 Februari 2013 - 22:23:19 WIB
Increase the capacity of judge, KY Training on Islamic Economics
Bandung (Komisi Yudisial) - Judicial Commission of Republic of Indonesia (KYRI) organized thematic training titled “Islamic economics” specifically intended for judge of Religious court. ... More (0 Comments)

Senin, 05 November 2012 - 22:21:28 WIB
Judges Should Follow Law Developments
Makassar (Komisi Yudisial) - The development of case - specificly criminal cases have penetrated strategic industry and threatens damage to infrastructure and economic system. The development of specific crimes are also ... More (0 Comments)

Selasa, 11 September 2012 - 22:18:49 WIB
KY Organizes A Thematic Training For Higher-Court Judge
Medan (Judicial Commission) - Judicial Commission (KY) has a commitment to improve the capacity of judges such as KY organized training for higher-court judges in training titled "Thematic Training  on ... More (0 Comments)

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