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Selasa, 11 Juni 2013 - 23:57:23 WIB
Civil Prosuderal Law For General Court Judges
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Bogor (Komisi Yudisial)

Code of Civil Procedural Law be interesting theme choice for capacity building of judges organized by the Judicial Commission of Indonesia this time.

"Thematic training in order to increase the capacity of judges with civil procedural law theme is very interesting. This activity is expected to increase the capacity and knowledge of judges in public courts," said one of the participants in the opening thematic training "Civil Procedure" for judges in the General Court which is the result of cooperation between KY and MA , Tuesday (11/6) in BALITBANGDIKLATKUMDIL MA RI, Megamendung, Bogor, Jawa Barat.

This thematic training than as a container sharing experiences and exchanging opinions among the judges of the general court, is also expected to accommodate input on issues facing general court judges. So that a good solution can be found in maintaining the honor of judges.

On the same occasion, the Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Affairs Mohammad Saleh representing the Chief Justice Hatta Ali convey. "This event is a continuation of good cooperation between the MA and KY, " said M. Saleh.

Thematic training which lasted until June 15, 2013 It outlines materials such as: Controlling Emotions and Stress Management In Trial Process, Roles and Responsibilities of Judges in Achieving Justice for People, Problems Execution In Civil Case, Civil Code Off Treaty (Contract Inominaat), Agrarian Law "Conflict in the Field of Public Land", KEPPH "in textual and Contextual", Decision Making Techniques, Abuse circumstances (Misbruik Van Omstandigheden Undue Influence) As reason To Interfere Agreement, and also Problems in Holistic of Civil Procedural Law. (KY/Fajar)

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