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Rabu, 20 Maret 2013 - 19:58:46 WIB
Synergism to increase the Capacity of Military Judge
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Surabaya (Komisi Yudisial)– The relationship between the Judicial Commission of Republic of Indonesia (KYRI) and the Supreme Court (MA) increasingly intertwined harmoniously. One form of cooperation between the two state institution was marked by the holding the training to increase capacity of military judges.

"Thematic training in order to increase the capacity of judge shows the relationship between KYRI with MA RI is getting better. This activity is expected to increase the capacity and knowledge of military judges," said Vice Chairman of KYRI, Imam Anshori Saleh in the opening thematic training for Military judges. This training is the result of cooperation between KYRI, MA RI and Kobangdikal, Wednesday (20/3) in Kobangdikal, Morokrembangan, Surabaya.

This thematic training being held as a container sharing experiences and exchanging opinions among the military judge, is also expected to accommodate input on the problems faced by the military judge. So that a good solution can be found in maintaining the honor of judges.

On the same occasion, the Young Chairman of the Supreme Court of Military Justice, Imron Anwari, representing the  Chairman of Supreme Court Hatta Ali agrees what Imam said. "This event is a continuation of good cooperation within the framework of the synergy between the MA to KY," said Imron.

Thematic training which lasted until March 23, 2013 It outlines materials such as: roles and responsibilities, human rights, corruption, military criminal law, military criminal procedure law, legal reasoning, decision making techniques, as well as the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct of Judges is the main instrument control judges by the Judicial Commission. (KY/Fajar)

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