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Selasa, 12 Februari 2013 - 22:23:19 WIB
Increase the capacity of judge, KY Training on Islamic Economics
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Bandung (Komisi Yudisial) - Judicial Commission of Republic of Indonesia (KYRI) organized thematic training titled “Islamic economics” specifically intended for judge of Religious court. The training was attended by 54 judge of Religious court of West Java and Jakarta, which was held for five days in Bandung, West Java, 12 to 16 February 2013. This activity presents a competent resource persons according to their field.

Secretary General of KYRI, Drs. Muzayyin Mahbub explained that this thematic training is a series of organized training by KY in order to increase the capacity of judges as mandated by Law 18 of 2011 on the Judicial Commission of Republic of Indonesia.

Although the provisions of the Act expressly stated on the capacity of judges, the Judicial Commission has held true agendas in order to strive to increase the capacity and welfare of judges since 2008. "Before the Act mandates, KY has conducted capacity building activities for judges. From KY perspective, in order to preserve and uphold the honor and dignity and behavior of judges can be carried in the form of workshops, training and thematic socialization of “code of ethics and code of conduct of judges," said Muzayyin in his speech before thematic training, (14/02).

KYRI Chairman Prof. Dr. H. Eman Suparman, S.H. M.H., in his speech also officially opened the event said, a judge in his ruling should be able to satisfy the justice, provide certainty and usefulness in society. "Hopefully this training useful to the nation," he hoped. (KY/Emry)

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