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Senin, 05 November 2012 - 22:21:28 WIB
Judges Should Follow Law Developments
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Makassar (Komisi Yudisial) - The development of case - specificly criminal cases have penetrated strategic industry and threatens damage to infrastructure and economic system. The development of specific crimes are also considered to threaten the national security of Indonesia, for example, is an act of terrorism. Under these conditions the judge as an examiner and the circuit court is required to follow the development of the case - law of special criminal cases. Judicial Commission of Republic of Indonesia (KYRI) Chairman Prof. Dr..H. Eman Suparman, S.H., M.H. convey the message that the opening of  “special criminal offense” thematic training for judges in Makassar on Monday (5/11).

This Thematic training, organized by KYRI and with cooperation with PT Makassar. Eman is expected to increase the capacity and knowledge in the field of specialized criminal offenses of the high court judges. Eman added that this training in addition to providing a container to share experiences and brainstorming also to harmonize the handling of special criminal cases.

"Through this thematic training, judges are expected to have a greater insight into the diversity of forms of special crimes, and more proficient in the handling of the case, so they no longer having a different perception in the handling of the cases," said the man born in the Brass.

In the training held at the Hotel Santika Makassar, 5-8 November 2012, the participants will receive materials such as corruption, money laundring, banking criminal acts, corporate crime, and legal problems in the decision. Also about the code of ethics and code of conduct of judges which is the main instrument of controling judges by KYRI was also given to the participants. (KY/Jaya)

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