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Senin, 20 Oktober 2014 - 04:20:23 WIB
Working Visit In Surabaya
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Surabaya (Komisi Yudisial) - Members of the Judicial Commission of Human Resources, Advocacy, Legal, Research and Development, Jaja Ahmad Jayus accompanied Recruitment Bureau Chief, Advocacy and Capacity Building of Judges, Heru Purnomo visiting the courts in Surabaya. In the visit of the judge accepted with great enthusiasm, because it can exchange ideas directly with Members KY.

Jaja arrival in Surabaya is related Judicial Educatin to the theme "The act of degrading the honor and dignity of Judges". There are a number of issues in a two-day visit, such as: Talk Show at RRI, visit to the PN, PA, TUN and the consolidation of Jejaring Surabaya.

In a visit to the courts in Surabaya, Jaja discuss plans for Judicial Education in 2015 to be implemented by the Judicial Commission in cooperation with the MA, Jejaring, municipal government, police and ORMAS. On occasion Jaja said "Judicial Education as a form of education to the community / environmental justice law, in particular the act degrading the honor and dignity of judges, so that the public is getting smarter in law of Indonesia and can participate in order to realize a clean judiciary" said the man was born in Kuningan.

Before returning to Jakarta, Jaja to consolidate the Jejaring Surabaya of KY partners. In addition to discussing the Judicial Education, the consolidation is also used by the Jejaring as a medium for exchange of opinions about the state of justice in Surabaya. (KY / Fajar)

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