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Kamis, 28 November 2013 - 11:45:56 WIB
Instilling Basic Adult Learnings
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Bogor (Judicial Comission)-  Training of Trainers (TOT) held over 3 days, from October 31 - 2 November 2013 by the Bureau of Recruitment, Advocacy and Capacity Building of Judges, is expected to be applied by the participants, especially when they have begun to be assigned as trainers. As often as possible we are hoping the members of TOT are directly assigned to become facilitator in training event in order to gain experience as a facilitator in a short time and as early as possible by promoting the adult learning. During the TOT training, the participants also learned how to talk in front of public, building material concept, and packed it into in effective learning.

Being a facilitator training is a major challenge in the hope that it brings out great enthusiasm for the members of TOT. Spirit and positive values given by the trainers and support from Secretary General maked the TOT participants not go out to leave the training area, they will absorb the material until the end of the event.

By giving the adult learning, Bagus Takwin, Nurlyta Hafiyah, Alfin and Ade,  were the trainers who joined the Team Facilitators of TOT of Judicial Comission, They were the psychologists who designed each training session so that it went well and effective,  so the knowledge that was given to the audience can be practicaly applied by the members of TOT in the future.

According to Bagus as a leader of TOT, he and his team only prepared the basic learning programs to become a facilitator, the next model of TOT area active Adult Learning. “In this training we prepared the participants to be great facilitators, but not teaching them the substance of materials that they can pass or in facilitating thematic law training, but this short TOT training is using the type of active and interactive adult learning.”

Considering there are differences ineducational background of TOT participants, because even though the core business of Judicial Comission is law, it is not an obstacle said Bagus, because the most important thing to be a facilitator is  the ability and willingness in helping people to learn “Keyword to become a good facilitator is willingness in helping people to learn, whatever the topic it is if you have a joy and willingness and you learn techniques to be a facilitator, it  wouldn’t be an obstacle.” said psychologists graduated from University of Indonesia.

However it’s just a beginning to be a facilitator training that will be held by The Judicial Comission in the future, because there will be a continuous phase of the training that is closely related to thematic substance of the law. For that, Heru Purnomo, Head of Bureau Recruitment, Advocacy and Capacity Building of Judges and who is also responsible for TOT training event, has prepared a concept in the future for the participants who pass and get certificate of this first stage facilitator.

Heru said there are two stages of TOT training, and next participants will be given substantive training. “This is the first step but the training nowadays is a really applicative after the audience have been given the first training we expect they could minimally become moderator in an event , and in the future they will give a training which is substantive in nature  or that will include more about law” he said.

Heru said, target of TOT training is to facilitating The Judicial Comission’s programs and activities. Mostly we provide this training to facilitating all the Judicial Comission programs and activities, so it is expected when The Judicial Comission arrange an event so they may use human resources who have been trained nowadays, but it is still possible if in the future the Judicial Comission hold a training for the future judges and judges, The Judicial Comission will be able to provide very profesional facilitator specially who passed in the second stage or advanced stage”. (Adnan)

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