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Rabu, 18 September 2013 - 10:10:18 WIB
KY introduce E-Learning Facilities For Judges
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Solo (Judicial Commission) - Judicial Commission (KY) organized thematic training for the improvement of  capacity of judges under the theme "Civil Procedural Law". This vis-a-vis training , joined by 31 participants from ten district courts in the region of Solo, was attended by Supreme Court Judge Djafni Djamal, Chief of Semarang Higher/Appellate Court, Cicut Sutiarso Semarang, and Chief of Semarang Religious Higher Court Wildan Suyuti.

There is a difference in this training. KY has new idea to improve the capacity of judges, by introducing e-learning (online training) in website address integrated with KY’s website. "KY is trying to organize training to all judges in Indonesia. However, because of our limitations, not all judges could attend this training. Because of this, KY provides e-learning facilities in the website to facilitate the training of judges. Of course, suggestions and feedback from judges are expected for the development of e -learning, "said Heru Purnomo Head of Recruitment, Advocacy and Improvement of Capacity of Judges Bureau, on Friday (13/9).

Development of this e-learning refers to the face-to- face training that has been held for seven times. In this application there are pre test, post test, quizzes and learning materials in the form of video and text documents. Of course, to be able to use e-learning facility, participants are required to register through the registration form and choose the class that have been provided. Demonstrating the application of e learning was done at the closing ceremony of a series of training by staff Recruitment, Advocacy and Improvement of Capacity of Judges Bureau Fajar Dewo Sukmono.

In the training held at Solo Paragon Hotel, 10-14 September 2013, the participants got materials such as resistance to the execution of mortgage and clearance of auction objects, roles and responsibilities of judges, emotional control and stress management, agreements outside Indonesian Civil Code, tort, default, undue influence/negative covenant, decision making techniques. Not to mention the matter regarding the code of ethics and code of conducts of judges which is /constitutes the main judges-controlling instrument of Judicial Commission.

The training was opened by the Division Head  of Prevention and Improvement of Judge Capacity Ibrahim. He explained the purpose of this training is to improve the professionalism of judges as an important requirement in the implementation of a very profound duty of judge. "This training is very useful in improving the capacity of judges", said the man born in Bone. (PKH/Fajar).

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